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December 13, 2018
As Christmas approaches quickly (T-minus 11 days if you weren't counting) we have decided to put together a small gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for under the tree or to fill the stockings! Take a peek at some our favorites!   First up we have Sweet Water All Natural Hand Balm. Made locally on the island, these hand balms are perfect for soothing dry hands. Great for the equestrian who's constantly working with their hands, or for someone who's suffering from dry skin this season. Available in multiple scents. Spiced Equestrian Insulated Cup. Available in multiple colors with equestrian related quotes, these insulated wine mugs are a great choice for a wine lover.   Sweet Water Natural Muscle and Joint Relief Stick. As riders, our bodies go through a lot of abuse on the daily. From mucking stalls and paddocks, moving hay bales and riding horses, sometimes you need an extra little something to soothe those sore muscles! Keep your hands toasty this winter with Noble Dakota Lined Gloves. Made from a Durable synthetic suede, these fleece lined gloves hold up great in wet and cold conditions. A staff favorite for working in and around at the barn. Equifit AgSilver Maximum Strength CleanBalm 1oz or 4oz. A great product to add to your first aid kit. Helps heal scratches, fungus, rain rot, cuts/wounds, thrush and skin irritations. Silver is historically recognized for its antimicrobial properties and ability to kill bacteria, molds and fungi. Antibiotic free. Spooks Grey Bea Headband. Lined with soft, cozy fleece and adorned with a bit of sparkle, this headband is sure to keep your ears warm this winter. Horze Bamboo Socks. A personal Favorite of mine, the Horze bamboo mix socks are soft with a thicker sole for extra warmth and comfort for winter. Lister Pico Clippers. Lightweight, compact, quiet and convenient. These little clippers are handy for quick touch-ups, trimming rogue hairs and sensitive spots. Powered by one AA battery. Effax Speedy Shine. One of the most handy boot shines on the market! Simply apply Effax Speedy Leather-Shine with a sponge to boots, saddles, bridles or bags made of any kind of leather and they will shine beautifully as if they have been polished. Jelly Scrubber/Curry.  A must have for your grooming kit! I always find myself reaching for my jelly scrubber when it's time to groom my horse. I like to use the fine toothed soft side for more sensitive areas like the legs and the bigger bristle side for the body. This curry fits nicely in your hand is comfortable to hold with its flexibility. CDM Belvoir Tack Cleaner Spray. A customer favorite! Easy to use and convenient, just spray and wipe down your tack! Effectively cleans leather, removing dirt, grease and sweat with ease.  


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